Celebration Meals

Food brings us together… it blurs political lines, smoothes frayed nerves, and restores friendships. 
From life's milestones to the smallest victories, we all come together at the table.
XO46 Heritage Bistro invites you to enjoy classic food combinations right in the comfort of  your own home or office.
There doesn’t even have to be a reason to celebrate.
Just having  friends and family around is enough reason to enjoy a Filipino feast.
All it takes is a phone call, a text message, or an email. XO46 is here for you.
Good for 10 to 15 pax
This menu consists of the best selling dishes in our restaurants.
Order 24 hours in advance
Good for 10 to 15 pax
“Bahay kubo… kahit munti, ang halaman doon… ay sari-sari.”
That childhood ditty ought to be enough to remind us of the bounty and variety of local vegetables.
Our Bahay Kubo menu plays with the delightful colors and textures of vegetables in a myriad of flavors.
Sweet, sour, salty, and umami… meat will not be missed!
Order 24 hours in advance
Good for 10 to 15 pax
Life in the Hacienda may seem idyllic, as depicted in all the old movies.
But the truth is that it takes a village (literally) to make it work.
From the fields to the homestead, numerous people contribute to make hacienda life as picturesque and idyllic as it is.    

And like all great homes, the kitchen is the heart of the hacienda.

It churns out simple but delicious meals for the family as well as grand feasts for the community

-- all using fresh ingredients from the land.

This menu is a blend of old time favorites and fiesta staples.

Order 24 hours in advance
Good for 10 to 15 pax
Handaang Española’s menu is an ode to the much loved celebratory dishes of our Titas and Abuelas.
Theirs was a repertoire of most requested recipes passed down from generation to generation.
Order 24 hours in advance
Good for 10 to 15 pax
The Philippines holds the distinction of having the most number of fiestas in the world.
We have a fiesta for every day of the year...
and we need not have a reason to have a fiesta.
Our Fiesta sa Bayan menu highlights the Filipino’s innate love of celebrations.
The food of our fiestas reflect our joy, our sense of humor, our bayanihan spirit, and our unique hospitality.
Everyone is welcome!
Order 24 hours in advance