About Us

Welcome to the digital home of the XO46 Heritage Bistro Group and its affiliates.
What started as culinary journey with our  group of Filipino restaurants has come full circle in this website. Our site is an amalgamation of all things Filipino… be it art, culture, traditions, and of course,  cuisine. Our goal is to bring  to  the fore, all that we hold dear about being “Pinoy.”
Offered on this site are freshly-cooked Filipino specialties (from our own kitchen) as well as  pre-processed food products and ingredients. Our team has scored the country for products that we deem “best in class.” They must be XO-approved before they make it to this site. Hence, what  you get from XO Home is only the best.
Also offered in this site is “bottled gold” or local  condiments to “Filipinize” any meal. Be it Ginataan na Santol or Binagoongang Manggang Hilaw, these umami concoctions will take you back to the Philippines regardless where you are in the world. 
To enhance the “Filipino-ness” of any home environment, we will soon have kitchenware, tableware, and other crafts made by Filipino artisans using indigenous materials.
Our adventure has just begun. Join us as we re-discover our rich culinary heritage and the art of being Filipino, all delivered to your doorstep.