Fiesta sa Hacienda

Fiesta sa Hacienda

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Life in the Hacienda may seem idyllic, as depicted in all the old movies. But the truth is that it takes a village (literally) to make it work. From the fields to the homestead, numerous people contribute to make hacienda life as picturesque and idyllic as it is.    

And like all great homes, the kitchen is the heart of the hacienda. It churns out simple but delicious   meals for the family as well as grand feasts for the community -- all using fresh ingredients from the land. This menu is a blend of old time favorites and fiesta staples.



Sisig Kapampangan


Hacienda Style Molo Soup


Ginataang Sigarilyas or Relenong Talong

Crispy Pata Classic XO Style

Inihaw na Manok sa Anato

Kare-kare Classico

Bangus Salpicao

Binawang na Sotanghon at Manok

Garlic Rice or Plain Rice

Postre (Choose 1)

Mango con Broas Mabuhay

Halo-Halo Slush

Buko Pandan